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Ontology Library: A Modern Method for the Distribution and Sharing of Ontologies

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Title: Ontology Library: A Modern Method for the Distribution and Sharing of Ontologies
Author: Kotowski, Daniel
Department: School of Computer Science
Program: Computer Science
Advisor: Stacey, Deborah
Abstract: The backbone of semantic web technologies is the ontology. This is a powerful structure, which allows for the capture, reasoning and storing of expert knowledge across various domains. Ideally these structures should be developed and implemented by experts in a set domain as well as designed with re-usability in mind. However, often due to the lack of availability and difficulties of discovering ontologies, these structures are repeatedly recreated. Current methods for storing, discovering and sharing ontologies employ similar techniques as to those used for software source code or static web pages. These are exposed to the limitations inherent with keyword-based searches, such as ambiguity with the keywords themselves and therefore, the most relevant ontology may not be discovered. This paper will examine some of the existing techniques used for the storing and sharing of ontologies. It will offer a contrasting method analogous to software libraries to develop a standard to store, share, discover, and distribute common ontologies.
Date: 2016-04
Rights: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada

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