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The Suitability of Sulfentrazone and Pyroxasulfone for Weed Management in Ontario Dry Beans

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Title: The Suitability of Sulfentrazone and Pyroxasulfone for Weed Management in Ontario Dry Beans
Author: Taziar, Allison
Department: Department of Plant Agriculture
Program: Plant Agriculture
Advisor: Sikkema, PeterRobinson, Darren
Abstract: Sulfentrazone and pyroxasulfone are herbicides that, if registered, would provide Ontario dry bean producers with two additional modes of action for soil-applied broadleaf weed control. Twenty-three field studies were conducted over 2014 and 2015 to determine: i) the tolerance of dry bean to sulfentrazone and sulfentrazone + pyroxasulfone; ii) the spectrum of weed control provided by sulfentrazone; iii) which soil-applied grass herbicide best compliments sulfentrazone for broad spectrum weed control; and iv) if a low dose of imazethapyr or halosulfuron benefits sulfentrazone for broadleaf weed control. Kidney and small red Mexican bean demonstrated the highest tolerance, followed by white and adzuki bean. Sulfentrazone alone provided excellent pigweed and lambsquarters control, and benefitted from additions of imazethapyr or halosulfuron. Pyroxasulfone complimented sulfentrazone the best for broad spectrum control, followed by s-metolachlor. This study concludes that sulfentrazone and pyroxasulfone may be suitable herbicides for some dry bean market classes in Ontario.
Date: 2016-05
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada
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