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A Qualitative Exploration of Work-Life Conflict in Faculty Physicians

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Title: A Qualitative Exploration of Work-Life Conflict in Faculty Physicians
Author: Lee, Rebecca
Department: Department of Psychology
Program: Psychology
Advisor: Son Hing, Leanne
Abstract: This thesis is an exploratory investigation of work-life conflict in faculty physicians who are at the top of their field. Work-life conflict refers to the conflict or interference between work and non-work roles. The current study draws on theories and previous literature, such as role theory, inter-role conflict, intra-role conflict, role salience, and spillover, to explore how faculty physicians’ work lives interfere with their home lives, and how faculty physicians’ home lives interfere with their work lives. The Job Demands-Resources Model provides a framework to explore how demands and resources from the work and home domains can influence the experience of work-life conflict. 30 faculty pediatric physicians from a top research hospital were interviewed, with their responses analyzed using qualitative content analysis. Results indicate that these faculty physicians experience work-life conflict, often influenced by many work demands conflicting with home demands. However, they also have many work resources that can act as a buffer against the negative effects of their demands. Further, as a result of multiple roles within their work domain, they experience intra-role conflict, leading to work-life conflict. This work-life conflict had negative consequences for their health and well-being; in particular, physicians’ sleep and self-care suffered greatly. Faculty physicians of this sample engage in various strategies to manage their work-life conflict. The implications for research and practice around work-life conflict in faculty physicians are discussed.
Date: 2016-08
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