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A Mathematical Model for a N. ceranae Infection in an A. mellifera Colony

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Title: A Mathematical Model for a N. ceranae Infection in an A. mellifera Colony
Author: Petric, Alexander T.
Department: Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Program: Mathematics and Statistics
Advisor: Eberl, Hermann J.
Abstract: The Western honey bee (Apis mellifera), a eusocial insect commonly kept to produce honey and pollinate crops, is a ffected by numerous stressors such as viruses, mites, pesticides, and weather. In recent years, colony losses have increased interest in the study of these stressors. Here, we present a model for the parasitic fungus Nosema ceranae, a spore-forming microsporidian which infects bees via a fecal-oral pathway and has been implicated in widespread colony failures in recent years. Insofar as possible, we analyze the stability of the system and present simulation results for the model. We further include in the model the e ffects of neonicotinoid pesticides on colony health. We conclude by studying the potential use of treatment strategies to mitigate the disease's e ffects.
Date: 2016-05
Rights: Attribution 2.5 Canada
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