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Iterative Synthesis of Tetra- and Pentasaccharide Fragments of the Dimeric Lewis X Tumor-Associated Carbohydrate Antigen

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dc.contributor.advisor Auzanneau, France-Isabelle Nejatie, Ali 2016-01-06T19:51:23Z 2016-01-06T19:51:23Z 2015-11 2015-11-24 2016-01-06
dc.description.abstract Carbohydrates are ubiquitous compounds which are often expressed in a variety of different species in nature. A common site of carbohydrate expression are on the surface of cells where they are linked to cell recognition. The ability to use carbohydrates to elicit a specific type of immune response has gained great interest in the scientific community especially in the field of anticancer vaccines. A prominent area of research has been done with dimeric Lewis X (dimLex), a Tumor-Associated Carbohydrate Antigen (TACA) expressed on the surface of certain adenocarcinomas.1,2 Triggering a desired immune response to dimLex antigen may have unwanted side effects. The Lex moiety is also found on normal healthy cells, thus, creating a vaccine for dimLex may target unwanted cells. However, if an analogue of the dimLex can be made, it is then possible to create a vaccine that will maintain some immunogenicity of the dimLex fragment yet harmless to normal healthy cells. The purpose of this research is to synthesize tetra- and pentasaccharide fragments of dimLex. The synthesized fragments can then be used in immunochemical studies to test cross-reactivity. Successful results may lead to significant advancements in the area of glycobiology, and therefore a potential carbohydrate based anticancer vaccine for the proposed TACA dimLex. en_US
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dc.rights Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada *
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dc.subject immunochemistry en_US
dc.subject carbohydrate synthesis en_US
dc.subject lewis X en_US
dc.subject dimeric lewis x en_US
dc.subject NMR of carbohydrates en_US
dc.title Iterative Synthesis of Tetra- and Pentasaccharide Fragments of the Dimeric Lewis X Tumor-Associated Carbohydrate Antigen en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US Chemistry en_US Master of Science en_US Department of Chemistry en_US
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