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Chapter 65 Neoproterozoic glacial deposits of the Kimberly Region and northwestern Northern Territory, Australia - Photograph supplement

Show simple item record Haines, Peter Corkeron, Maree Hocking, Roger 2016-01-04T19:06:04Z 2016-01-04T19:06:04Z 2011
dc.description.abstract Companion photographs to the book chapter Corkeron, Maree. 2011. “Neoproterozoic glacial deposits of the Kimberly Region and northwestern Northern Territory, Australia.” In: Arnaud, E., Halverson, G. P. and Shields-Zhou, G. (eds) The Geological Record of Neoproterozoic Glaciations. Geological Society, London, Memoirs, 36, 659-672. en_US
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dc.subject Neoproterozoic en_US
dc.subject glacial deposits en_US
dc.subject Kimberly Region en_US
dc.subject Northern Territory en_US
dc.subject Australia en_US
dc.subject diamictite en_US
dc.title Chapter 65 Neoproterozoic glacial deposits of the Kimberly Region and northwestern Northern Territory, Australia - Photograph supplement en_US
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Ch65_Fig_1_Haines.jpg 981.9Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Walsh Formation, Mt House area, west Kimberley. Diamictite in foreground grades up to pebbly mudstone and laminated ‘cap carbonate’ at top of outcrop. Thick unit of dark mudstone of Throssell Shale and sandstone cap of Estaughs Formation form mesa in background (Photo credit: Peter Haines).
Ch65_Fig_2_Haines.jpg 1.062Mb JPEG image Thumbnail Mixed clasts and tectonised sandstone lens in dolomitic clay matrix; diamictite facies of Walsh Formation (Photo credit: Peter Haines).
Ch65_Fig_3_Corkeron.jpg 892.3Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Interbedded micritic dolomite, dolomitic microbial laminae and dolomitic convolute laminae of ‘cap carbonate’ at top of Landrigan Formation, Mt Ramsay area (Photo credit: Maree Corkeron).
Ch65_Fig_4_Corkeron.jpg 1.575Mb JPEG image Thumbnail Mixed clasts in dolomitic mudstone matrix of diamictite facies of Fargoo Formation beneath Moonlight Valley Formation (see Fig. 5) (Photo credit: Maree Corkeron).
Ch65_Fig_5_Corkeron.jpg 896.9Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Maroon pebbly mudstone (foreground) and overlying laminated dolomitic ‘cap carbonate’ (seated figures) of the Moonlight Valley Formation. Interbedded mudstone and siltstone of Randford Formation conformably overlies ‘cap carbonate’ (Photo credit: Maree Corkeron).
Ch65_Fig_6_Corkeron_and_Haines.jpg 1.153Mb JPEG image Thumbnail A) Maroon diamictite of Egan Formation overlain by laminated ‘cap carbonate’ (cc). Interbedded sandstone and dolomite of Yurabi Formation conformably overly Egan Formation at top of outcrop. B) Close-up view of poorly sorted clasts in dolomite clay matrix of Egan Formation (Photo credit: Maree Corkeron and Peter Haines).
Ch65_Fig_7_Hocking.jpg 1.479Mb JPEG image Thumbnail Striations and chatter marks on Palaeoproterozoic quartzite basement underlying Egan Formation, Mt Ramsay area (Photo credit: Roger Hocking).
Ch65_Fig_8_Corkeron.jpg 1.311Mb JPEG image Thumbnail Pebble and cobble quartzite clasts in massive diamictite underlying stratified conglomerate in siliciclastic unit of Boonall Dolomite, east Kimberley (Photo credit: Maree Corkeron).

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