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Chapter 30 The Khubsugul Group, Northern Mongolia - Photograph supplement

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Title: Chapter 30 The Khubsugul Group, Northern Mongolia - Photograph supplement
Author: Macdonald, Francis A.
Abstract: Companion photographs to the book chapter Macdonald, Francis A. and Jones, David S. 2011. “The Khubsugul Group, Northern Mongolia.” In: Arnaud, E., Halverson, G. P. and Shields-Zhou, G. (eds) The Geological Record of Neoproterozoic Glaciations. Geological Society, London, Memoirs, 36, 339-345.
Date: 2011
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada
Rights Holder: The copyright of the photos rests with the author(s) of the chapter or, where stated, the person who took the photo.

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Ch30_Fig_A_Macdonald.jpg 1.642Mb JPEG image Thumbnail West shores of Lake Khubsugul looking northeast. Syncline of light grey Cambrian carbonate rocks (Khesen and Erkhelnur formations) form the ridgeline and recessive Neoproterozoic rocks form recessive slopes, which are exposed primarily in the river valleys that drain to the Lake Khubsugul (Ongoluk Gol is pictured on the right side of the frame) (Photo credit: Francis A. Macdonald).
Ch30_Fig_B_Macdonald.jpg 1.482Mb JPEG image Thumbnail Ongoluk diamictite in Ongoluk Gol (section M605). Diamictite consists predominantly of dolomite and sandstone clasts in a green siltstone matrix. Mongolian field assistant for scale (Photo credit: Francis A. Macdonald).
Ch30_Fig_C_Macdonald.jpg 1.481Mb JPEG image Thumbnail Dolomite dropstone in green siltstone matrix of the Ongoluk diamictite (section F605) (Photo credit: Francis A. Macdonald).
Ch30_Fig_D_Macdonald.jpg 1.501Mb JPEG image Thumbnail Dolomite boulder in carbonate matrix of the Khesen diamictite at Khirbesteg Gol (section M611). Mongolian field assistant for scale. (Photo credit: Francis A. Macdonald)

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