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The Science of Poultry and Meat Processing

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Title: The Science of Poultry and Meat Processing
Author: Barbut, Shai
Department: Department of Food Science
Abstract: The Science of Poultry and Meat Processing is a book which provides students and industry personnel with a comprehensive overview of the modernized meat industry. This book covers various areas related to the meat processing industry, and includes topics such as automation, primary and further processing, protein gelation, use of non-meat ingredients, product evaluation, microbiology, HACCP, and by products.
Description: Self-published online book
Date: 2015
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada

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Barbut_SciPoult ... ssing_01Automation_v01.pdf 10.66Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 1
Barbut_SciPoult ... 2GlobalPerspective_v01.pdf 3.018Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 2
Barbut_SciPoult ... ctureAndPhysiology_v01.pdf 14.15Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 3
Barbut_SciPoult ... 04LiveBirdHandling_v01.pdf 8.375Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 4
Barbut_SciPoult ... 5PrimaryProcessing_v02.pdf 16.95Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 5
Barbut_SciPoult ... nPrimaryProcessing_v01.pdf 625.4Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 6
Barbut_SciPoult ... pectionnAndGrading_v01.pdf 1018.Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 7
Barbut_SciPoult ... cessing_08Stunning_v01.pdf 2.742Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 8
Barbut_SciPoult ... tioningAndDeboning_v01.pdf 5.763Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 9
Barbut_SciPoult ... rocessingEquipment_v01.pdf 20.75Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 10
Barbut_SciPoult ... ingAndPreservation_v01.pdf 13.31Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 11
Barbut_SciPoult ... g_12HACCPInCooking_v01.pdf 644.1Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 12
Barbut_SciPoult ... g_13MeatProcessing_v01.pdf 18.04Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 13
Barbut_SciPoult ... tteringAndBreading_v01.pdf 12.88Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 14
Barbut_SciPoult ... ilogyAndSanitation_v01.pdf 5.255Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 15
Barbut_SciPoult ... 6TextureAndSensory_v01.pdf 8.054Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 16
Barbut_SciPoult ... atBindingAndColour_v01.pdf 12.19Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 17
Barbut_SciPoult ... ByProductsAndWaste_v01.pdf 3.222Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 18
TheScienceofPoultryandMeatProcessing.jpeg 32.86Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Book cover

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