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Pairing Correlations in Heavy Nuclei Near the Proton Dripline

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Title: Pairing Correlations in Heavy Nuclei Near the Proton Dripline
Author: Bulthuis, Brendan
Department: Department of Physics
Program: Physics
Advisor: Gezerlis, Alexandros
Abstract: Nucleons in most nuclei tend to form pairing correlations in the ground state through the spin-singlet channels, with like-particle pairs making up the majority of these. In contrast, we know that the spin-triplet interaction is stronger than the spin- singlet interaction. This discrepancy has motivated much study in the past, and has not yet been resolved conclusively. Recent investigations into ground states of heavy (A > 100) nuclei have revealed a possibility of some nuclei near the proton dripline exhibiting spin-triplet ground states or possibly a mixed-pairing state. However, these investigations excluded some mean-field terms in the Hamiltonian. In this work, I reintroduce those terms and examine the effects of their inclusion. I also study the nature of the mixed pairing state and look into possible reasons for the aforementioned discrepancy. Additionally, I examine the dependence of my results on detailed features of the Hamiltonian.
Date: 2015-09
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada

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