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Control of Patulin in Fruit and Vegetable Beverage Processing using High Hydrostatic Pressure

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Title: Control of Patulin in Fruit and Vegetable Beverage Processing using High Hydrostatic Pressure
Author: Hao, Heying
Department: Department of Food Science
Program: Food Science
Advisor: Warriner, Keith
Abstract: Patulin is recognized as hazard in apple based beverages. The thesis describes research undertaken to control mycotoxins in apple based beverages. Specifically, an on-site electrochemical biosensor was developed based on the reaction between patulin and the conducting polymer precursor, pyrrole. The sensor was optimized with respect to assay conditions and electrochemical signal processing method. By studying the degradation of patulin in different apple based beverages it was found that kinetics were dependent on the applied pressure, processing time and juice constituents. From the results obtained it is proposed that the mechanism of patulin degradation is through a direct and indirect oxidative attack on the lactone ring. The byproducts of patulin degradation were not found to be toxic using a Drosophila melanogaster toxicology model. The research represents advances in patulin detection and degradation that can be applied in the apple beverage industry to decrease the risk presented by the toxic mycotoxin.
Date: 2015-05
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada
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