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05 Dark Tourism - Winter 2014


Dark tourism as defined by Sharpley and Stone (2009) is "the act of travel to sites associated with death, suffering and the seemingly macabre". Although not new, in many societies, visiting sites associated with death is, and has been, a considerable part of the tourist experience; this can be seen in the practice of pilgrimage, one of the earliest forms of tourism. The focus of this seminar is to explore the individual and societal motivations and fascinations with such experiences, as well as to better understand the impact that such tourism has on country and city image.

Recent Submissions

  • Blazecka, James; Howes, Colm Cobb; Freitag, Kaitlin; Hardman, Emma; Kofoed, Liam; Lau, Bernice; Little, Stephanie; Manifold, Erin; Marcello, Daniela; Ng, Jessica; O'Farrell, Taylor; Osaka, Brenna; Persaud, Virgina; Ross, MacKenzie; Ruda, Shelina; Stroud, Nicole; Wilcox, Rebecca (2015-07-30)