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13 - Sleep: 1/3 of Your Life Spent with your Eyes Closed - Fall 2013


Sleep is a restorative process that's imperative to our health and wellbeing, yet 63% of adults get less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night. Nevertheless, the process of "going to sleep" is a social and cultural norm. The longest anyone has ever gone without sleep is a mere 11 days. This seminar course will focus on the art and science of sleep.

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  • Benham, M.; Bowlby, A.; Brown, A.; Canes, L.; Carriero, A.; Crittenden, S.; Dergham, J.; Fisk, R.; Goodman, V.; Hopkins, S.; Lee, J.; Main, D.; Manderson, A.; Payne, C.; Seguin, J.; Soares, R.; Wilson, A. (2015-08-05)