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Title: Geography
Author: Cunningham, Shannon; Bergen, Anne
Abstract: Ben Bradshaw assists Aboriginal communities in Canada to track health outcomes related to mining; works to support relations with mining companies.Noella Gray informs marine conservation policy across scales, from global negotiations to local participation and tourism in marine protected areas.
Description: Ben Bradshaw is an Associate Professor in Geography. His main strand of research focuses on relations between Aboriginal communities and mining firms in Canada, and especially their use of negotiated agreements – typically called Impact and Benefit Agreements (IBAs) - to settle their differences. This research has been aggressively oriented towards the needs of IBA signatories, which has been achieved, in part, through the creation of the popular IBA research network. Related work has sought to assist communities to develop a meaningful but systematic means of tracking change in their well-being in light of mining. For more information about Ben Bradshaw’s research, please go to his website at Noella Gray is an Assistant Professor in Geography. Broadly, she is interested in the politics of conservation and environmental governance – in how access to natural resources is defined, contested and legitimated by resource users, experts, civil society and the state. More specifically, she considers how science is incorporated into environmental policy, the politics of scale in marine conservation, and how resource management policies are negotiated under co-management arrangements. For more information about Noella Gray’s research, please go to her website at
Date: 2014-06-13
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Canada

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