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A vaccine against Campylobacter jejuni serotype HS:5

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Title: A vaccine against Campylobacter jejuni serotype HS:5
Author: Redkyna, Olena
Department: Department of Chemistry
Program: Chemistry
Advisor: Monteiro, Mario
Abstract: Campylobacter jejuni bacterial pathogen is among the primary causes of food-borne acute gastroenteritis in North America and the world. It has also been linked to severe post-infection sequelae such as Guillain-Barré syndrome. Previous studies identified C. jejuni surface capsular polysaccharide (CPS) as a target for creation of a carbohydrate based vaccine in which the CPS is conjugated to a carrier protein. In this thesis, following sample purification, aspects of C. jejuni HS:5 CPS structure were characterized using numerous analytical techniques such as NMR and GC-MS. CPS is comprised of α-DD-Heptoses linked at C2 to the anomeric carbons of glucose. The α-Glucose molecules are linked though C4 to the α-DD-Heptose anomeric carbon. The α-DD-Heptose structure also has an occasional ring structured amino acid modification. Following characterization the CPS was oxidized and developed into a prototype glycoconjugate vaccine using TEMPO oxidation and EDC-CRM197 coupling methods.
Date: 2013-12
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