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Alkylations, Rearrangements, and Cyclizations of Oxidized Organosulfur Compounds

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Title: Alkylations, Rearrangements, and Cyclizations of Oxidized Organosulfur Compounds
Author: Soderman, Stefan Charles
Department: Department of Chemistry
Program: Chemistry
Advisor: Schwan, Adrian
Abstract: Organosulfur compounds have been used by humans for centuries and played a pivotal role in shaping our history. The chemistry presented herein deals primarily with three distinct organic transformations involving organosulfur species. The three transformations are used in tandem to complete the synthesis of natural products. The first chapter examines a new diastereoselective alkylation reaction of sulfenate anions with stereoinduction provided by chiral amino iodides. A series of β-amino sulfoxides are accessed in good yields and selectivities from alkylations with the corresponding lithium arene- and E-1-alkenesulfenate anions. The relative reactivity of different electrophiles towards a selection of lithium sulfenate anions was also evaluated by performing competition experiments. In the second chapter 1,2-dibromotetrachloroethane (C2Br2Cl4) was evaluated as a more economical halogenating agent for the in-situ Ramberg-Bäcklund rearrangement (RBR). A series of trans-stilbenoids were successfully synthesized using this protocol in excellent yields. The new RBR system also worked well for dialkyl and cyclic substrates, but the reaction was plagued by polyhalogenation for hexyl benzyl sulfone. The methodology was extended to the formal total synthesis of natural polyphenol E-resveratrol. Chapter three investigates asymmetric aza-Michael reactions of chiral β-amino sulfoxides/sulfones to synthesize thiomorpholine S-oxides and S,S-dioxides, respectively. Remarkably, cyclizations of the β-amino sulfoxides provide the trans- 3,5-substituted heterocycles, while the β-amino sulfones provide the complementary cis-3,5-substituted heterocycles. The aza-Michael chemistry was exploited along with the sulfenate and RBR protocols to access two ant venom alkaloids.
Date: 2013-08
Rights: Attribution 2.5 Canada
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