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Feeling is Believing: Landscape as Communal Influence on Behaviour and Belief

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Title: Feeling is Believing: Landscape as Communal Influence on Behaviour and Belief
Author: Epp, Jonathan
Department: School of Environmental Design and Rural Development
Program: Landscape Architecture
Advisor: Landman, Karen
Abstract: This study integrated and applied effective communication concepts to highlight landscape as both medium and method to improve land use decisions, in the face of uncertainty, such as that posed by global climate change. Grounded theory guided the emergence of a communication model to illustrate impacts of land use scenarios in a study area. Scenarios incorporated socioeconomic trends and biophysical data, including localized climate projections and relevant audience traits assumed from prior assessments. Scenario implications were analyzed by comparing their ecological service values; the communication model’s effectiveness was evaluated against principles derived from the literature. Results suggest that a communication framework grounded in landscape can improve comprehension of environmental and human needs; however, further testing is needed. This framework can help enable broader landscape understanding through shared experience and engagement. Enhancing communication channels in this way is required as increasingly complex environmental problems demand more collaborative and communal solutions.
Date: 2013-04
Rights: Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada

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