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Self-management of Type 2 Diabetes among Mainland Chinese Immigrants in Canada- A Qualitative Study

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Title: Self-management of Type 2 Diabetes among Mainland Chinese Immigrants in Canada- A Qualitative Study
Author: Huang, Youyou (Esther)
Department: Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition
Program: Family Relations and Applied Nutrition
Advisor: Dr. Judy, Sheeshka
Abstract: The current study used phenomenology to explore how Mainland Chinese immigrants with type 2 diabetes engage in the self-management of diabetes in Canada. A total of 18 participants were interviewed (8 were male and 10 were female). The average age of the participants was 50.7 years old. Overall, participants were highly motivated in their diabetes management. They were seeking information on how to manage their diabetes from both formal and informal channels. The majority of them didn’t include traditional Chinese medication in their treatment due to the negative views they had towards it. They had a fear of western medication because of the possible side effects associated with it; however, many of them had to take medication when their condition was not managed with lifestyle intervention alone. Participants were in favour of lifestyle intervention, including diet management and physical activity. They changed from mindless eating to mindful eating, specifically, reducing their overall food intake with reduced carbohydrate, protein and increased vegetable intake. They acknowledged the importance of physical activity in diabetes management, but encountered more barriers in achieving the desired level of physical activity. Glucose level was used as a biofeedback to the changes they made in western medication, nutrition therapy, and physical activity. Balance and control were achieved as they have learned to manage their condition while living a “normal” life.
Date: 2013-03
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