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AutoPilot: A Message-Passing Parallel Programming Library for the IMAPCAR2

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Title: AutoPilot: A Message-Passing Parallel Programming Library for the IMAPCAR2
Author: Kelly, Benjamin
Department: School of Computer Science
Program: Computer Science
Advisor: Gardner, William
Abstract: The IMAPCAR2 from Renesas Electronics is an embedded realtime image processor, combining a single core with a 128-way SIMD array. At runtime, sections of the SIMD array can be retasked as additional CPU cores, interconnected via a message passing ring. Using these cores effectively, however, is made difficult by the low-level nature of the message passing API and the lack of cache coherency between processors. Developing and debugging software for this platform is a difficult task. The AutoPilot library addresses this by providing a high-level message-oriented parallel programming model for the IMAPCAR2. AutoPilot's API is closely based on that of Pilot, a wrapper around the Message Passing Interface (MPI) for cluster computing. By reimplementing the Pilot API for the IMAPCAR2, AutoPilot shows that its processes-and-channels architecture is a viable choice for parallel programming on cache-incoherent multicore architectures. At the same time, it provides a simpler API for programmers, with builtin safety checks that eliminate some common sources of errors.
Date: 2013-02
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