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O. A. C. Review Volume 51 Issue 3, December 1938

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dc.contributor Literary Society of the Ontario Agricultural College
dc.contributor.editor Young, Murray
dc.contributor.editor Galonski, A. M.
dc.contributor.editor Fricke, G. R.
dc.contributor.editor Ruhnke, G. N.
dc.contributor.editor Phillips, R. W.
dc.contributor.editor Parrot, D. A.
dc.contributor.editor Knight, A. T.
dc.contributor.editor Christie, Florence
dc.contributor.editor Rutherford, Nora
dc.contributor.editor Sowden, Fred
dc.contributor.editor Tolton, W
dc.contributor.editor Archibald, F. J. M.
dc.contributor.editor Young, J. W.
dc.contributor.editor Dawson, H. A.
dc.contributor.editor Armand, J. E.
dc.contributor.editor Martin, D. I.
dc.contributor.editor Laughland, D.
dc.contributor.editor Radmore, R.
dc.contributor.editor Northmore, N. S.
dc.contributor.editor Buchanan, J.
dc.contributor.editor Raithby, George
dc.contributor.editor Barry, Miss Marie.
dc.contributor.editor Howell, Miss Alice
dc.contributor.editor Reiner, Mrs. Walter
dc.creator Ontario Agricultural College 2013-01-31T18:53:58Z 2013-01-31T18:53:58Z 1938 1938-12
dc.description.abstract The agricultural articles in this issue pertain to the chemistry of soil testing in Ontario, South African agriculture, and the gas storage of pears. Students provides articles on the idea of establishing national state scholarships for students in Canada, the adventure of being employed on a cattle boat to England, and the success of the horticultural exhibit - the Winter Garden, at the Royal Winter Fair. Other articles address the meeting of the Entomological Society of Ontario, and training future judges in the Junior Farmers Clubs. The English Department column provides book reviews, an explanation of the naming of the city of Guelph, and the use of slang language. The athletics column contains the results of the competitions in boxing, wrestling, fencing, hockey, and swimming. The Literary column contains news of the drama contest across campus; inter year debates, and the reorganization of the International Relations Club. Campus news comments on the end of semester rush to complete exams, the new Sadie Hawkins Day dance, and an introduction to the new campus presidents for the various campus clubs. The Ontario Veterinary College and Trent Institute provide updates of their current activities. The Macdonald Institute column introduces the new house presidents and provides some perspectives on the Sadie Hawkins Day. The Macdonald Alumnae column contains alumnae updates and wedding announcements. The Alumni column reports on the creation of the Graduate Club, erecting a memorial plaque for William Squirrell, and provides alumni updates.
dc.description.tableofcontents Editorial
dc.description.tableofcontents Conducting their own tests
dc.description.tableofcontents Money for education
dc.description.tableofcontents The Farmers "If"
dc.description.tableofcontents Some new angles on a cattle boat - and England
dc.description.tableofcontents Band Manager's appreciation
dc.description.tableofcontents Colour and harmony - horticulture exhibit at the Royal
dc.description.tableofcontents Jubilee meeting of the Entomological Society of Ontario
dc.description.tableofcontents Book reviews
dc.description.tableofcontents Department of English
dc.description.tableofcontents Future judges
dc.description.tableofcontents South African pastures
dc.description.tableofcontents The doping of Bartlett
dc.description.tableofcontents O. A. C. sportsfolio
dc.description.tableofcontents Literary highlights
dc.description.tableofcontents College life
dc.description.tableofcontents This life of ours
dc.description.tableofcontents Next year presidents
dc.description.tableofcontents Vet College
dc.description.tableofcontents Trent Institute
dc.description.tableofcontents Macdonald news
dc.description.tableofcontents Macdonald Alumnae
dc.description.tableofcontents "Co-operation, The plan for tomorrow which works today" - by H. Hl Hannam
dc.description.tableofcontents Alumni news
dc.description.tableofcontents Changes in Graduate list
dc.description.tableofcontents advertising
dc.format pdf
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Ontario Agricultural College en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries O. A. C. Review Volume Fifty One
dc.rights Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada *
dc.rights.uri *
dc.subject OAC Review
dc.subject College news
dc.subject editorial
dc.subject agriculture
dc.subject farming
dc.subject chemistry
dc.subject soil test
dc.subject scholarships
dc.subject National Federation of Canadian University Students
dc.subject Canadian Student Assembly
dc.subject poetry
dc.subject cattle boat
dc.subject England
dc.subject travel
dc.subject livestock transportation
dc.subject college band
dc.subject Royal Winter Fair
dc.subject horticulture exhibit
dc.subject Winter Garden
dc.subject Entomological Society of Ontario
dc.subject book review
dc.subject English
dc.subject Junior Farmers
dc.subject livestock judging
dc.subject South Africa
dc.subject African agriculture
dc.subject pears
dc.subject fruit storage
dc.subject field husbandry club
dc.subject athletics
dc.subject boxing
dc.subject wrestling
dc.subject fencing
dc.subject swimming
dc.subject hockey
dc.subject drama contest
dc.subject Union Literary Society
dc.subject Philharmonic Society
dc.subject debates
dc.subject international relations club
dc.subject economic co-operation
dc.subject college life
dc.subject examinations
dc.subject Sadie Hawkins dance
dc.subject Sadie Hawkins week
dc.subject fourth year party
dc.subject alumni dance
dc.subject campus presidents
dc.subject Philharmonic president
dc.subject Athletic Association president
dc.subject Student Co-operative president
dc.subject Literary Society president
dc.subject Student Christian Movement president
dc.subject photographs
dc.subject Ontario Veterinary College
dc.subject O. V. C. student banquet
dc.subject Trent Institute, food science
dc.subject Macdonald Institute
dc.subject Mac Alumnae
dc.subject Senior Girl's Dance
dc.subject alumni letters
dc.subject Macdonald Alumnae
dc.subject wedding announcement
dc.subject obituary
dc.subject co-operation
dc.subject United Farmers of Ontario
dc.subject memorial plaque
dc.subject Graduate Club
dc.subject graduate list
dc.subject alumnae, local news
dc.subject personals
dc.subject alumni
dc.subject advertising
dc.subject Guelph
dc.title O. A. C. Review Volume 51 Issue 3, December 1938 en_US
dc.type Journal en_US
dc.rights.holder University of Guelph
dc.contributor.affiliation University of Guelph

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