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Processing Tomato Management Research 1990

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Title: Processing Tomato Management Research 1990
Author: Garton, R.W.; Balkwill, W.R.
Abstract: The information contained in this report is a summary of research conducted at Harrow Ontario, during the summer of 1990. The trials were grown on a Fox sandy loam soil, which is representative of the soil types used for much of the processing tomato crop in this area. All the trials were grown on spring-made raised beds. Details of cultural practices used are included in each trial report. Herbicide and pesticide applications were made according to Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Publication 363 recommendations. The plots were treated with Ethrel and harvested at the appropriate stage of maturity. Treatments were replicated three times and statistical analysis of yields are included in the results. Growing conditions during the 1990 season were fair for most vegetable crops. The month of May and early June were cooler than normal which delayed maturity of processing tomatoes. Higher than normal winds during this time period caused some damage to young transplants. A period of drought from mid June to mid July, further delayed the progress of many crops. Cooler than normal temperatures, and adequate rainfall during the rest of the season promoted good fruitset, and yields in most crops were at, or above normal levels.
Date: 1990
Rights Holder: Agriculture Canada
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