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Observations on the Blood Supply of Bone in the Dog

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Title: Observations on the Blood Supply of Bone in the Dog
Author: Cawley, Allan J.
Abstract: The rate of healing of fractured bones is influenced by a number of factors. Some causes of delayed union can be eliminated in a patient by the use of antibiotics, adequate immobilization debridement, etc. Perhaps the cause of delayed union which produces most concern and about which very little can be done, at this time, is impoverished blood supply. In order to qualify oneself to prognose, and perhaps to treat rationally potential cases of delayed union, it is evident that the blood supply of bone in general, and more specifically the blood supply of affected bone must be known. In undertaking this work it was hoped that the experiments carried out would throw some light on the origins and courses of the numerous blood vessels which supply and drain bone. Knowledge of the reaction of bone under certain conditions and the basic vascular pattern of bone is applicable to all the long bones. Studies were carried out on the tibia of the dog. The choice of the tibia as the bone to be studied was made primarily because of the frequency with which delayed union is associated with the lower third of this bone in man (Henderson (23) 1926 and Urist, Mazet and McLean 1954) (50) and because the tibia lends itself to the technical procedures involved in this series of experiments.
Description: A thesis presented to the School of Graduate Studies of the University of Toronto in fulfillment of requirements for the degree of Master of Veterinary Science.
Date: 1957
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