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Ascorbic Acid Therapy in the Treatment of Sterility in the Bovine Species.

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Title: Ascorbic Acid Therapy in the Treatment of Sterility in the Bovine Species.
Author: Dashner, George W.
Abstract: Sterility in domestic animals has long presented a major farm problem. Due to the important role played by the dairy cow in her production of food, sterility in dairy animals has become more important than the same factor in other domestic animals. Coupled with the increasing importance of dairy animals is the modern breeding program, designed to meet the ever increasing demand for higher milk production. Naturally there are limits to the production of milk from normal healthy animals, and as these limits are attained and passed, the natural elements in the animal's body become depleted. This is being demonstrated by the increasing prevalence of parturient paresis, acetonemia, and other metabolic disturbances associated with high production. In the last few years there has been an ever increasing interest shown in the sterility problem with a view to its solution. In fact it has been only during the last two decades that the treatment at sterility has been attempted.The role played by ascorbic acid in the physiology of reproduction is not understood, Phillips (8) states that from data now available it appears that ascorbic acid acts in some way to stimulate or 'pep up' the activity of the glands involved in reproduction. Dukes (2) says that ascorbic acid has been obtained in large amounts from adrenal cortex. The prevailing belief is that the cortex stores rather than forms Vitamin C. He also states that there appears to be an important endocrin interrelation of the adrenal cortex and the sex organs. Further, that the adrenal cortex comes under the influence of a factor produced by the anterior pituitary. This gland also has hormonal influence over the gonads. Therefore it seems reasonable that there is an interrelation between the storage of Vitamin C in the adrenal cortex and the control of the anterior pituitary over the adrenal cortex and the gonads.
Description: A thesis submitted to the Ontario Veterinary College by George W. Dashner 1945.
Date: 1945
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