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The relationship between research and design in landscape architecture

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Title: The relationship between research and design in landscape architecture
Author: Milburn, Lee-Anne S.; Brown, Robert D.
Abstract: Abstract A study was undertaken to explore the incorporation of research into the landscape architectural design process. A review of the literature revealed five discrete models by which research is integrated into design: concept–test; analysis–synthesis; experiential; complex intellectual activity; and associationist. In-depth interviews with eight landscape architecture educators and a mail-in survey of all landscape architecture educators in North America failed to confirm the utility of these five models. Instead, a different kind of model emerged from the results. In this model, research is incorporated at three stages of the design process: before design; during design; and after design. Before design, there appear to be two categories of research: indirect (which includes intrinsic research, library research, and review of precedents and case studies); and direct (which includes site inventory and analysis). During design, research seems to have two key roles: influencing the concept generation process and the application of the concept on the site. Five models emerged for using research during design: artistic, intuitive, adaptive, analytical, and systematic. Finally, after design research has two roles: evaluation of design, and justification of design. This categorization, as elucidated by educators, provides insight into the landscape architecture design process and its communication and teaching.
Date: 2003
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Related Publications: Milburn, Lee-Anne S. and Robert D. Brown. 2003. The relationship between research and design in landscape architecture. Landscape and Urban Planning (64) 46-66

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