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Beyond the City Limits: An Examination of Adjustment among Immigrants in Rural Canada

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Title: Beyond the City Limits: An Examination of Adjustment among Immigrants in Rural Canada
Author: Safdar, Saba; Fuller, T; Lewis, J.R.
Abstract: The present research sought to investigate some of the key elements that are related to rural immigration in the province of Ontario where the experience of declining immigration to rural areas is typical for Canada. 104 immigrants living in rural Canada participated in the study. Those who reported a high level of psychological well-being were less likely to report socio-cultural difficulties; those who perceived high levels of discrimination were more likely to report socio-cultural difficulties and psycho-physical distress; and low levels of linguistic competence predicted psycho-physical distress. Acculturation attitudes also predicted socio-cultural difficulties in that those who endorsed integration, assimilation and marginalization were less likely to report socio-cultural difficulties. The cultural adaptation problems of rural immigrants were found, in this study, to be similar to those of their urban counterparts, which indicates that services to support adaptation and higher levels of integration should also be offered to rural immigrants. The results of the present study are important for policy making, economic development and service delivery in rural Canada.
Date: 2007
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Related Publications: Safdar, S., Fuller, T., & Lewis, R. (2007). Beyond the city limits: An examination of adjustment among immigrants in rural Canada (87-107). In A. Chybicka & M. Kazmierczak (Eds.). Appreciating Diversity: Cultural and Gender Issues. Cracow, Poland: Impuls.

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