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Effects of recreational use impacts on hiking experiences in natural areas

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Title: Effects of recreational use impacts on hiking experiences in natural areas
Author: Lynn, Natasha A.; Brown, Robert D.
Abstract: This study investigated the relationship between recreational use impacts and hiking experiences in natural areas. The effects of trail erosion, extension and widening, muddiness, tree and plant damage, fire rings, and litter were related to four dimensions of recreational experiences—solitude, remoteness, naturalness, and artifactualism. Recreational use impacts were found to have a negative effect on hiking experiences in natural areas. Litter, tree and plant damage, and fire rings had the greatest effect on hiking experience indicators; trail extension and widening and trail erosion had a moderate effect; and muddiness had a minimal effect on experience. Information generated through this study should assist in appropriate planning, design, and management of natural areas to maintain ecological integrity and to provide for quality hiking experiences.
Date: 2003
Citation: Lynn, Natasha A. and Robert D. Brown. 2003. Effects of Recreational Use Impacts on Hiking Experiences in Natural Areas. Landscape and Urban Planning. (64) 77-87.

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