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Supporting Selective Formalism in CSP++ with Process-Specific Storage

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Title: Supporting Selective Formalism in CSP++ with Process-Specific Storage
Author: Gumtie, Alicia
Department: Department of Computing and Information Science
Program: Computer Science
Advisor: Gardner, William
Abstract: Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) is a formal language whose primary purpose is to model and verify concurrent systems. The CSP++ toolset was created to embody the concept of selective formalism by making machine-readable CSPm specifications both executable (through the automatic synthesis of C++ source) and extensible (by allowing the integration of C++ user-coded functions). However, these user-coded functions were limited by their inability to share data with each other, which meant that their application was constrained to solving simple problems in isolation. We extend CSP++ by providing user-coded functions in the same CSP process with safe access to a shared storage area, similar in concept and API to Pthreads' thread-local storage, enabling cooperation between them and granting them the ability to undertake more complex tasks without breaking the formalism of the underlying specification. This feature's utility is demonstrated in our line-following robot case study.
Date: 2012-09

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