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The Effects of Central Sensitization on Motoneurone Excitability in Osteoarthritis

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dc.contributor.advisor Srbely, John
dc.contributor.advisor Bent, Leah Jegatheeswaran, Gaayathiri 2012-05-11T17:22:14Z 2013-02-21T06:00:13Z 2012-02 2012-02-21 2012-05-11
dc.description.abstract This thesis is an investigation of the neurophysiologic mechanism, central sensitization, underlying pain and dysfunction in osteoarthritis. Central sensitization is an important mechanism in the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis but, to our knowledge, its influence on motoneurone excitability is unknown. Our primary hypothesis states that increasing central sensitization within a spinal segment will cause a greater increase in the excitability of motoneurones in subjects with osteoarthritis when compared to healthy controls. To test this hypothesis, we experimentally induced central sensitization in individuals and monitored the recruitment threshold force of the motor units in the first dorsal interosseous muscle using indwelling electromyography. Findings from this study suggest that central sensitization lowers the motor unit recruitment threshold in osteoarthritis compared to healthy individuals. Motoneurone excitability might be inhibited in healthy individuals with persistent sensitization as well. Thus, central sensitization is an important consideration in the biomechanical dysfunction seen in osteoarthritis. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Canadian Arthritis Network en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject central sensitization en_US
dc.subject osteoarthritis en_US
dc.subject electromyography en_US
dc.subject motor units en_US
dc.subject capsaicin en_US
dc.subject motoneurone excitability en_US
dc.title The Effects of Central Sensitization on Motoneurone Excitability in Osteoarthritis en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US Human Health and Nutritional Sciences en_US Master of Science en_US Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences en_US
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