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The formation of androstenone conjugates from testes tissue of the mature boar.

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Title: The formation of androstenone conjugates from testes tissue of the mature boar.
Author: Desnoyer, Jillian Eve
Department: Department of Animal and Poultry Science
Program: Animal and Poultry Science
Advisor: Squires, E.J.
Abstract: The accumulation of androstenone in the fat of mature boars results in boar taint; the conjugation of androstenone would decrease this important meat quality problem by decreasing the accumulation and increasing the excretion of androstenone. Leydig cells and testis microsomes from mature boars were incubated with radiolabeled pregnenolone, and the free and conjugated metabolites were examined by HPLC. Sulfated androstenone with a mass of 367 m/z was directly identified by MS, with a novel tentative structure of 3-keto-4- sulfoxy-androstenone. Addition of enolase to the microsomal incubations increased the formation of 3-keto-4-sulfoxy-androstenone. Overexpression of SULT2A1 in HEK cells resulted in the sulfoconjugation of dehydroepiandrosterone, but not androstenone, suggesting that SULT2A1 may not be involved in sulfoconjugation of androstenone. This thesis describes the novel direct characterization of androstenone sulfate and the importance of enolase in its formation. The relevance to boar taint metabolism is discussed.
Date: 2011-11
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