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Framework for Identifying Initial Collaboration Support Needs

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Title: Framework for Identifying Initial Collaboration Support Needs
Author: Chambers, A.; Harper, A.
Description: Checklist of most important support areas (13 items) Checklist of specialist areas of support (7 items)
Date: 2010
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Chambers_Collab ... o_Partnership_complete.pdf 1.779Mb PDF View/Open Collaboration for Communities: Giving Power to Partnership
Chambers_Framew ... ip_Profiles_excerpt_p5.pdf 105.9Kb PDF View/Open Framework for Establishing Organisational and Partnership Profiles
Chambers_Framew ... pport_Needs_excerpt_p7.pdf 91.95Kb PDF View/Open Framework for Identifying Initial Collaboration Support Needs
Chambers_Checkl ... pectations_excerpt_p10.pdf 107.9Kb PDF View/Open Checklist for Establishing Mutual Expectations
Chambers_Framew ... on_Support_excerpt_p12.pdf 107.0Kb PDF View/Open Framework for an Initial Plan for Collaboration Support
Chambers_Formin ... djourning)_excerpt_p15.pdf 105.9Kb PDF View/Open Forming/ Storming/ Norming/ Performing (and perhaps Adjourning)
Chambers_Visioning_Exercise_excerpt_p21.pdf 101.9Kb PDF View/Open Visioning Exercise
Chambers_Identi ... Approaches_excerpt_p22.pdf 118.3Kb PDF View/Open Identifying Key Stakeholders – Two Different Approaches
Chambers_Give-Get_Exercise_excerpt_p23.pdf 88.14Kb PDF View/Open Give-Get Exercise
Chambers_Templa ... tegic_Plan_excerpt_p24.pdf 101.4Kb PDF View/Open Template for Drafting a Partnership Strategic Plan
Chambers_A_Simp ... on_Session_excerpt_p29.pdf 87.98Kb PDF View/Open A Simple Evaluation Session
Chambers_Worksh ... _Framework_excerpt_p30.pdf 100.7Kb PDF View/Open Workshop to Develop a More Detailed Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
Chambers_Framew ... _Agreement_excerpt_p35.pdf 96.78Kb PDF View/Open Framework for Developing a Partnership Agreement
Chambers_Checkl ... l_Partners_excerpt_p38.pdf 96.99Kb PDF View/Open Checklist for Reviewing Membership and Identifying Potential Partners
Chambers_Sessio ... sibilities_excerpt_p41.pdf 92.26Kb PDF View/Open Session on Roles and Responsibilities
Chambers_Exerci ... l_Cultures_excerpt_p43.pdf 99.36Kb PDF View/Open Exercise to Explore Different Organisational Cultures
Chambers_Partic ... ,_Prisoner_excerpt_p45.pdf 98.72Kb PDF View/Open Participant, Passenger, Prisoner?
Chambers_Reflection_Pro-Forma_excerpt_p49.pdf 102.2Kb PDF View/Open Reflection Pro-Forma

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