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National Network Org Summary


Executive Summary:

In September 2006, the five regional Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering were linked formally through the creation of a National Network. The network, supported by NSERC funding, facilitates interactions among the five Chairs to enhance the visibility and impact of CWSE activities at national and international levels. The regional Chairs work together on a number of national initiatives: research projects, dissemination of current statistics and research findings and liaison with national organizations (e.g. CCWESTT, Engineers Canada) and international (e.g. INWES) .

Funding is intended to support salary costs for a part-time network coordinator, and the costs associated with face-to-face meeting of the regional Chairs (at least one meeting annually), dissemination activities at national and international meetings and research projects. One of the regional Chairs serves as the PI for the grant, responsible for the network funds and annual reports on network activities to NSERC.

Since the formation of the National Network, the CWSE program has been moved from Research Partnerships to the Research Grants Program and there have been changes in the regional Chair-holders. The purpose of this organizational summary is to document the history, organization, accountability and impact of the network over the period from 2006 to 2011.