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Systematics of the Archiborborinae (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae)

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Title: Systematics of the Archiborborinae (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae)
Author: Kits, Joel
Department: Department of Environmental Biology
Program: Environmental Biology
Advisor: Marshall, Stephen
Abstract: The Archiborborinae comprise a diverse clade of flies in the family Sphaeroceridae. This thesis presents the first phylogenetic analysis and a thorough taxonomic revision of the subfamily. The phylogenetic revision includes morphological data from all species, and molecular data from a subset of 21 ingroup species. Although the group here treated as the Archiborborinae has been traditionally treated as a tribe within the subfamily Copromyzinae, analysis of morphological, molecular, and combined datasets supports the monophyly of the Archiborborinae and shows that the Archiborborinae and Copromyzinae are not sister taxa. The Copromyzinae are more closely related to the Sphaerocerinae and possibly to the enigmatic genus Pycnopota than they are to the Archiborborinae. The elevation of the clade to subfamily rank is supported on the basis of this evidence. Basal relationships within the Archiborborinae are difficult to resolve, but the phylogenetic evidence generally supports a division of the subfamily into the following 8 genera: Antrops Enderlein 1909, Penola Richards 1941, Frutillaria Richards 1961, Boreantrops gen. nov., Coloantrops gen. nov., Maculantrops gen. nov., Photantrops gen. nov., and Poecilantrops gen. nov. The genus Archiborborus, until recently a paraphyletic assemblage including most of the described species in the subfamily, is treated as a junior synonym of Antrops (syn. nov.) All genera are described and a generic key is provided. A total of 122 species, including 25 previously described and 89 new, are fully described and illustrated; another 8 new species are diagnosed but not formally named.
Date: 2011-08
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada

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