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The effectiveness of induced plant disease resistance: genotypic variation and quantification by chlorophyll fluorescence

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dc.contributor.advisor Goodwin, Paul
dc.contributor.advisor Hsiang, Tom Tung, Jonathan 2011-09-16T18:38:30Z 2012-09-06T05:00:06Z 2011-09 2011-09-06 2011-09-16
dc.description.abstract Cultivars of Agrostis stolonifera showed weak and strong responsiveness to the systemic acquired resistance (SAR) activator, benzothiadiazole (BTH), or the induced systemic resistance (ISR) activator, 2R, 3R-butanediol (BD). Next Generation RNA sequencing was used to identify 2163 putative transcripts with increased expression in BTH versus water-treated A. stolonifera. Among three BTH-induced genes, AsASP-2 and AsHIR-1 were induced faster, while AsLOX-1 had stronger transient induction, in one out of two strongly BTH-responsive cultivars. Three ISR-responsive genes, AsGNS-5, AsOPR-4 and AsAOS-1, showed no greater induction or priming in the strongly versus weakly BD-responsive cultivars. Cultivars of A. stolonifera vary significantly in their response to defense activators, however this is not consistently related to defense gene expression. To quantify disease severity, chlorophyll fluorescence imaging of the maximum quantum efficiency of photosystem II (Fv/Fm) was tested on Nicotiana benthamiana infected with Colletotrichum orbiculare. Leaf areas of healthy, non-necrotic affected and necrotic tissue could be individually quantified, which demonstrated that BD delayed symptom development by approx. 24-hour and reduced non-necrotic affected tissue compared to controls. Chlorophyll fluorescence imaging can quantify and reveal novel features about induced disease resistance. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Systemic acquired resistance en_US
dc.subject Induced systemic resistance en_US
dc.subject Genotypic variation en_US
dc.subject Agrostis stolonifera en_US
dc.subject Chlorophyll fluorescence en_US
dc.subject Disease quantification en_US
dc.subject Gene expression en_US
dc.subject Benzothiadiazole en_US
dc.subject 2R, 3R-butanediol en_US
dc.subject Nicotiana benthamiana en_US
dc.subject Colletotrichum orbiculare en_US
dc.title The effectiveness of induced plant disease resistance: genotypic variation and quantification by chlorophyll fluorescence en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US Environmental Biology en_US Master of Science en_US Department of Environmental Biology en_US

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