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Fluorotelomer Acids are More Toxic than Perfluorinated Acids

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Title: Fluorotelomer Acids are More Toxic than Perfluorinated Acids
Author: (MacDonald) Phillips, Michelle M.; Dinglasan-Panlilio, Mary Joyce A.; Mabury, Scott A.
Abstract: Saturated and unsaturated fluorotelomer carboxylic acids have been identified as intermediates in the degradation of fluorotelomer alcohols to perfluorinated carboxylic acids(PFCAs). Although surface waters are the likely environmental sink for telomer acids, no fate or toxicity data exist for this matrix. We assessed the acute toxicity of the 4:2, 6:2, 8:2, and 10:2 saturated (FTCA) and unsaturated (FTUCA)fluorotelomer carboxylic acids toDaphnia magna,Chironomus tentans, and Lemna gibba. In general, toxicity increased with increasing fluorocarbon (FC) chain length, particularly for telomer acids of g8 FCs. In addition, the FTCAs were generally more toxic than the corresponding FTUCAs. Acute EC50s ranged from 0.025 mg/L (0.04 ímol/L) for D. magna(10:2 FTCA, immobility) to 63 mg/L (167 ímol/L) for C. tentans(6:2 FTCA, growth). While chain-length trends observed in the current study agree with those previously reported for PFCAs, the toxicity thresholds generated here are up to 10 000 times smaller. Our data provide the first evidence that PFCA precursors are more toxic than the PFCAs themselves.
Date: 2007
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Related Publications: (MacDonald) Phillips, M.M., Dinglasan-Panlilio, M.J.A., Mabury, S.A., Solomon, K.R., and Sibley, P.K. "Fluorotelomer Acids are More Toxic than Perfluorinated Acids." Environmental Science and Technology 41.20 (2007): 7159-7163

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