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National Survey of 4th Year Students in Engineering and Computer Science


In 2010, the regional NSERC Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering conducted a pilot survey of final-year undergraduates in computer science and engineering programs. The objective of the survey was to learn more about students’ experiences as undergraduates as well as their career intentions and perceptions of the workplace. A detailed report of the 2010 survey analysis and findings was presented at ICWES 15 held July 2011 in Adelaide, Australia (PERCEPTIONS AND EXPERIENCES OF THE WORKPLACE AMONG CANADIAN COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING STUDENTS – A GENDER ANALYSIS). Based on the findings of the 2010 pilot, some survey questions were modified but many were included in the same format as part of a survey conducted between April and July 2011. The 2011 survey was available in both French and English and there were 1252 respondents from across Canada.

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