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Use of multi-enzyme supplement to improve utilization of fibrous feed ingredients in broiler chickens and turkeys

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Title: Use of multi-enzyme supplement to improve utilization of fibrous feed ingredients in broiler chickens and turkeys
Author: Sanchez, Juan
Department: Department of Animal Biosciences
Program: Animal Biosciences
Advisor: Kiarie, Elijah
Abstract: Three experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of adding fibrous ingredients to diets fed to broiler chickens or turkey poults with or without a multi-enzyme supplement (MES): addition of 5 to 11% rice bran in corn-soybean diets fed to broiler chickens (Experiment 1), addition of 10% corn distillers dried grains (cDDGS) or 10% wheat middlings (WM) to simple corn- or wheat soybean diets fed to broiler chickens (Experiment 2) or turkeys (Experiment 3). Feeding rice bran increased gizzard weight but reduced body growth resulting in lighter birds at the end of the trial. Inclusion of MES improved growth and energy utilization independent of rice bran. Broilers fed cDDGS had poor growth which was improved by MES. Broilers fed corn diets were heavier than those fed wheat diets. In contrast, turkey poults fed wheat diets were heavier than poults fed corn diets. Poults fed corn-based diets rich in fiber fed with MES had heavy gizzard. In conclusion, there were varied growth and physiological responses in broilers and turkey suggesting the need for refining enzyme application for different poultry species.
Date: 2022-05
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Related Publications: Sanchez, Thanabalan, A., Khanal, T., Patterson, R., Slominski, B. A., & Kiarie, E. (2019). Growth performance, gastrointestinal weight, microbial metabolites and apparent retention of components in broiler chickens fed up to 11% rice bran in a corn-soybean meal diet without or with a multi-enzyme supplement. Animal Nutrition, 5(1), 41–48., Barbut, S., Patterson, R., & Kiarie, E. . (2021). Impact of fiber on growth, plasma, gastrointestinal and excreta attributes in broiler chickens and turkey poults fed corn- or wheat-based diets with or without multienzyme supplement. Poultry Science, 100(8), 101219–101219.

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