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Long-Term Effects of Adolescent Alcohol and Vapourized Nicotine Co-Use on Behaviour and Cognition

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Title: Long-Term Effects of Adolescent Alcohol and Vapourized Nicotine Co-Use on Behaviour and Cognition
Author: Ruffolo, Jessica
Department: Department of Biomedical Sciences
Program: Biomedical Sciences
Advisor: Khokhar, Jibran
Abstract: Co-occurrence of alcohol and electronic cigarette use during adolescence is frequent. However, little is known about their combined long-lasting effects. We examined whether co-exposure during adolescence would impact behaviour and cognition in adulthood. Four groups of adolescent male and female rats received either vehicle or nicotine vapour while having continuous voluntary access to alcohol. In adulthood, rats underwent behavioural testing. Female adult rats had a higher intake and preference for alcohol compared to males. Male and female adult rats had greater alcohol preference compared to their preference as adolescents. Male rats exposed to vapourized nicotine during adolescence exhibited altered reward-related learning in adulthood. Male rats that drank alcohol in adolescence showed learning impairments as adults. These effects were not seen in female equivalents. Our results indicate that co-exposure to alcohol and vapourized nicotine during adolescence produces long-term sex specific effects in reward- and cognition-related behaviours.
Date: 2022-01
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Related Publications: Ruffolo, J., Frie, J. A., Thorpe, H. H. A., Talhat, M. A., & Khokhar, J. Y. (2021). Alcohol and Vaporized Nicotine Co-Exposure During Adolescence Contribute Differentially to Sex-Specific Behavioral Effects in Adulthood. Nicotine Tob Res.

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