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Leading in a Pandemic

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Title: Leading in a Pandemic
Author: Redmond, Kathleen; Lyons, Sean
Department: Department of Management
Abstract: Given the last tumultuous five years; political shifts, a spotlight on our social fabric, a pandemic and a planet under climate stress, life will not go back to “to normal.” Several significant issues have been brought to light. This Executive Summary focuses on what is required of leaders as we emerge into a “new normal.” Let us first present our findings through leadership research that was completed in 2020 to late 2021. The majority of the leaders surveyed are employed in public sector work. First of all, the emotional landscape of the workplace changed and became more significant. Leaders were required to provide more clarity, work harder to maintain team connection and collaboration, ensure additional transparency, offer better listening skills, and demonstrate more compassion and empathy than prior to the pandemic. Their team members were largely perceived as feeling stressed, burnt out, exhausted, frustrated, sad, uncertain, suspicious of leadership, fearful and anxious. As a result of the emotion and ongoing changes to the workplace, the solution is leaders and organizations of good character. The era of character has dawned.
Date: 2021-08-06
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