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A Microscale 3-D Model of Urban Outdoor Thermal Exposure (TUF-Pedestrian): Impacts of Street Tree Configuration

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Title: A Microscale 3-D Model of Urban Outdoor Thermal Exposure (TUF-Pedestrian): Impacts of Street Tree Configuration
Author: Lachapelle, Jacob
Department: School of Environmental Sciences
Program: Environmental Sciences
Advisor: Krayenhoff, Scott
Abstract: Street trees provide effective cooling to urban pedestrians during hot weather. However, existing simulation tools may not be sufficient to inform optimization of street tree placement for this purpose. A microscale three-dimensional (3-D) urban radiation and energy balance model, TUF-Pedestrian, was developed to simulate pedestrian radiation exposure and study urban tree placement. TUF-Pedestrian was set up to simulate shortwave and longwave radiative impacts of trees on their surroundings. In addition, radiation absorption from a pedestrian was considered, permitting calculation of a summary metric of radiation exposure: the mean radiant temperature (TMRT). Model evaluation demonstrated that TUF-Pedestrian accurately simulates incoming directional radiative fluxes on pedestrians and associated TMRT in urban environments with and without tree cover. Subsequently, the model is applied to understand the variation of pedestrian TMRT as a function of different street tree configurations in hot weather. Results suggest it is important to consider street orientation and latitude (solar angle) in terms of the placement of street trees relative to pedestrian walkways. Importantly, additional radiant cooling of pedestrians during hot afternoons per unit addition of tree cover decreases modestly as existing tree cover increases. Optimizing street tree configuration in urban canyons for pedestrian thermal comfort is a complex task that can be supported with simulation tools such as TUF-Pedestrian.
Date: 2021-06
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

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