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Collaborations between University of Guelph and NetSweeper Inc.

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Title: Collaborations between University of Guelph and NetSweeper Inc.
Author: Song, F.
Abstract: We started our collaboration with NetSweeper Inc. in 2006. The project was successfully completed with two graduate students hired by NetSweeper and two software modules licensed and used in the company’s current production system. The success led me to secure another grant through Precarn-OCE alliance program in 2009. The new project builds on the results of the previous one and expands with new functionalities identified by the company through the feedback of its customers. One key reason for the success of our collaboration is the common interest in text processing, particularly for text categorization and filtering. The company has infrastructure for the Internet environment, allowing us to test new ideas in a realistic setting. However, due to its limited resources and focus on the production system, it is unable to invest adequately for future R & D. Our research team has the experience and track record in developing solutions in the field of text processing. What we are lacking is the infrastructure and the expertise in converting research prototypes into production systems. As a result, we can combine our strengths and turn the collaboration into a win-win situation. Feedback from customers helps us identify new problems, giving the students motivation, since they can easily see the needs and impacts of their solutions. In addition, our research team can bring insights and techniques into the process, helping the company to systematically improve and expand the quality of its current solutions.
Description: This collection of 52 posters was presented at the Partnership Practices: Working with Community, Industry and Government event. This event was designed to highlight community-university partnerships for research and other purposes from across the university and community at a one-day event held at the Quebec Street Mall in the City of Guelph, Ontario. The website for the event and all resources is
Date: 2011-03-01
March 1, 2
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