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Domain ontology generation from software models

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Title: Domain ontology generation from software models
Author: Sani, Aaron Parsram
Department: Department of Computing and Information Science
Advisor: McCuaig, J.
Abstract: Two streams of domain driven content development have recently emerged. The most mature stream is in object oriented programming where the emphasis is to develop software that contains rich business objects encapsulated in domain models that are distinct from application and infrastructure code. The other stream is the result of the pressing requirement to develop domain ontology for semantic web enabled applications. The second stream is a well known bottleneck in the development of the semantic web. Although a variety of automated techniques for generating domain ontology have been proposed, none are particularly suitable for immediate adoption by software developers. This study demonstrates that through the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), call-graph information, ontology lifting, and merging, source code for object oriented software can be an effective input source for automated domain ontology generation. We also build upon this paradigm from a tooling and integration perspective in setting out what is required for large scale adoption of the approach.
Date: 2008
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