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Rural Planning and Development


Rural Planning and Development at the University of Guelph is one of Canada's leading centres for the study of rural issues. With both Canadian and International streams of study, the program is involved with rural development issues both within Canada and the rest of the world. Our central objective is the generation of knowledge and the development of the planning practice to advance the welfare and integrity of rural communities and rural environments.

Rural Planning and Development programs cover a wide breadth of topics relating to rural issues. With students and professors coming from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, the program has adopted an interdisciplinary approach to rural topics and professional practice. Also emphasized in the program is the importance of bringing the ideas of theory into practice and the experience of practice into theory. Students are encouraged to employ the skills they learn in the classrooms in real world experiences. To help provide students with such experiences, the program regularly engages in professional practice with outside organizations and communities. Many students also find employment or internships with organizations outside of the University.

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