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The role of speciation in the uptake of Tl, As, and Se

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Title: The role of speciation in the uptake of Tl, As, and Se
Author: Sauve, Sebastien; Macfie, Sheila; Hendershot, William; Berkelaar, Edward
Abstract: Trace elements such as thallium (Tl), selenium (Se), and arsenic (As) may be toxic to humans at high levels of exposure. An important route of exposure to humans is the ingestion of foods that have accumulated trace elements. Therefore, in order to estimate the risk of these trace elements to human health, it is important to determine how readily these elements are accumulated by plants. Our research goal is to determine the impact of speciation of Tl, Se and As on plant accumulation of these elements, so that models can be developed that enable predictions of the accumulation of trace elements.
Description: S3. Prinicipal investigator: Edward Berkelaar
Date: 2010-04-30

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