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A cross-class analysis of learning-related transcriptional profiles

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Title: A cross-class analysis of learning-related transcriptional profiles
Author: Sheng, Yiru
Department: Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Program: Bioinformatics
Advisor: Ali, AyeshaHeyland, Andreas
Abstract: Learning and memory, fundamental neuronal processes, are found in various species. Memory consolidation is essential to transform short-term memory into a long-lasting form. However, whether mechanisms underlying memory consolidation are shared across distant taxonomy groups remains controversial. Here, meta-analysis, using publicly available RNA Sequencing data, was conducted to identify the similarity or differences of mechanisms underlying memory consolidation across five classes of animals. I clustered 3091 orthologous gene groups across classes; among them I identified shared learning mechanisms across multiple classes related to cell cycling control, cell signalling, transcription and translation regulations and general cellular processes. I also found some targets for specific learning conditions in this study. This is the first study employing both meta-analysis and comparative transcriptomic analysis of gene expression in memory consolidation across distant species, helping to frame a structure and a database for further analysis.
Date: 2020
Rights: Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
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