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PLC Email and Paging System

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Title: PLC Email and Paging System
Author: Lieberman, Mark; Schrieber, Matthew; Murray, Douglas; Arora, Rahul
Abstract: This paper proposes a PLC driven email and paging notification system which can be integrated directly into an existing DH+ and Ethernet network at the Linamar CAMTAC facility. The purpose of the system is to reduce downtime when assembly line problems occur. Through simple ladder logic code, a message is sent from the DH+ network to Ethernet and arrives at middleware on a server. The server middleware intercepts messages and directs them to a WaveWare EMS server or email server depending on the message. The design was tested by simulation in the University of Guelph digital lab and partially tested at the Linamar CAMTAC facility. The design emphasizes reliability and implementation with no additional infrastructure costs.
Date: 2010-01-25
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