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Ergonomic Improvements on a Cylinder Head Production Line

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Title: Ergonomic Improvements on a Cylinder Head Production Line
Author: Brunsting, Matt; Murray, Cody; Ragbar, Deneb
Abstract: Presented in this paper is an er- gonomically based design for the purpose of ip- ping a 102 kg engine cylinder head 90 degrees atop a conveyor belt for an automotive com- pany. The design consists of 2 components: ad- justable modi ed pry bars which utilize both of the worker's arms and a lowering mechanism. The two pry bars cater to varying heights to allow the best ergonomic and comfortable posi- tions and thereby distribute the applied forces more evenly since both arms are utilized. These prybars replace the current method which is a single handed method. The second component is a damped lowering system which lowers the cylinder head onto the conveyor belt. The re- sults of force analysis on the system demon- strate consistent reductions in force, ranging from 55-80% per arm, that the workers had to exert to complete the task. The complete cost of the entire system is $200.68.
Date: 2010-01-25
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