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Assessing ketoprofen and meloxicam when mixed with iron dextran for use in the control of post-operative castration pain in piglets

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Title: Assessing ketoprofen and meloxicam when mixed with iron dextran for use in the control of post-operative castration pain in piglets
Author: Reynolds, Kristen
Department: Department of Population Medicine
Program: Veterinary Science
Advisor: O'Sullivan, TerriJohnson, Ron
Abstract: The work in this thesis examined the suitability of meloxicam and ketoprofen in nursing piglets, when these drugs were mixed with iron dextran (ID) prior to injection, to control post-castration pain. Measurement of plasma drug levels of the S- and R- enantiomers of ketoprofen when injected alone or when mixed with ID and then injected allowed for pharmacokinetic analysis and determination of the relative bioavailability of these two formulations (Chapter 2). Observation of the time for piglets to move through a navigation chute post-castration when treated with meloxicam or ketoprofen alone vs. these drugs mixed with ID, was completed to determine if perceived analgesic efficacy was comparable (Chapter 3). Analgesic efficacy of these drugs alone vs. mixed with ID was also compared through observation of individual piglet behaviours and measures of social cohesion (Chapter 4). There were no significant differences in the pharmacokinetic parameters for S- and R-ketoprofen between piglets treated with ketoprofen alone vs. ketoprofen mixed with ID (Chapter 2). Absolute differences in the numerical values of these parameters suggest potential small alterations in drug pharmacokinetics, but none sufficient to result in a significant difference between treatment groups. Analysis of chute navigation time suggested no difference in post-castration pain mitigation between meloxicam or ketoprofen vs. these drugs mixed with ID (Chapter 3) over the entire study period. This was supported by the observation of several individual piglet behaviours after castration, demonstrating similar results (Chapter 4). A number of individual behaviours however were not useful in measuring pain in castrated pigs, noted by a lack of discrimination between piglets castrated without analgesia, and non-castrated control pigs. The overall results of this thesis work suggest that mixing ID with meloxicam and ketoprofen will not affect drug efficacy, despite any alterations to drug pharmacokinetics. Further work is required to determine if the mixing of these drugs with ID prior to injection results in violative drug residues in pork products, to ensure food safety.
Date: 2020-08
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
Embargoed Until: 2021-08-27

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