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Philosophy studies foundational questions of how we should live, how we should think and reason, and the nature of reality. The twenty-first century is an exciting time for philosophy; there are many fast-developing areas, several of which cross boundaries with other disciplines. We hope that interested students and other inquirers will feel encouraged to explore the programs, the public talks, and the departmental life that we offer.


The Department of Philosophy is a community of dedicated teachers and productive philosophical researchers. To undergraduates we offer a wide range of courses in almost every area of philosophy, both historical and contemporary, and ample opportunities to pursue individual research projects. In our master's and doctoral programs, students pursue research at a more advanced level and prepare (in the doctoral program) for careers as teachers and researchers. (Over 95% of our doctoral graduates in the last decade are now teaching at a college or university, two-thirds of them in tenure-stream appointments.)

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