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Plant-endophyte-herbivore interactions: More than just alkaloids?

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Title: Plant-endophyte-herbivore interactions: More than just alkaloids?
Author: Xue, Hong; Newman, Jonathan A.; Popay, Alison; Parsons, Anthony J.; Rasmussen, Susanne
Abstract: A recent paper by Rasmussen et al., (New Phytol 2007; 173:787–97) describes the interactions between Lolium perenne cultivars with contrasting carbohydrate content and the symbiotic fungal endophyte Neotyphodium lolii at different levels of nitrogen supply. In a subsequent study undertaken by Rasmussen et al., (Plant Physiol 2008; 146:1440–53) 66 metabolic variables were analysed in the same material, revealing widespread effects of endophyte infection, N supply and cultivar carbohydrate content on both primary and secondary metabolites. Here, we link insect numerical responses to these metabolic responses using multiple regression analysis.
Date: 2008
Citation: Rasmussen, S., Parsons, A.J., Poppy, A., Xue, H. and Newman, J.A. "Plant-endophyte-herbivore interactions: more than just alkaloids?" Plant Signaling & Behavior, 3.11 (2008): 974-977

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