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Bacterial spot resistant pepper cultivar evaluation 2007

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Title: Bacterial spot resistant pepper cultivar evaluation 2007
Author: Zandstra, J.W.; Squire, R.C.
Abstract: Eight bell pepper cultivars and seven hot banana pepper cultivars were included in the 2007 trial. Bell pepper transplants were produced by Demaiter Greenhouses, Thamesville, and seeded on 26 April; banana pepper transplants were provided by Smuckers. Mulch was layed on 08 June onto a Brookston clay loam sand spot phase soil on the Ridgetown Campus research farm. Peppers were transplanted on 13 June, 2007, using a Rainflo water wheel transplanter, with a row spacing of 1.5 m and in row spacing of 45 cm (29,630 plants/ha). There was a twin row of plants per bed, which were centered at 1.5 m.
Description: While King Arthur provided the numerically largest bell pepper fruit yield, there was no statistically significant differences among the cultivars evaluated, except for Pro5 -C67 x 68, which produced the smallest yield. Trends for fruit number and early yield were similar (Table 2). Aristotle had the greatest fruit weight, while Pro5 -C67 x 68 had the greatest wall thickness (Table 2). Inferno produced the greatest fruit yield amoung the banana pepper varieties (Table 3). Total bacterial cluster counts recorded from inoculated plants were low in 2007; however the lowest total counts were found on Aristotle, Red Bull, Variety # 8620 , Pro3 -13x14R-4, and Pro5 -C67 x 68 (Figure 1). PX 11412119 had the fewest bacterial cluster counts amoung the banana pepper types (Figure 2).
Date: 2007

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