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Processing standard sweet corn cultivar evaluations - Pillsbury 2006

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Title: Processing standard sweet corn cultivar evaluations - Pillsbury 2006
Author: Zandstra, J.W.; Squire, R.C.
Abstract: Nine Pillsbury su sweet corn cultivars were seeded on 19 May, and 16 June, 2006 on a Brookston clay loam soil on the Ridgetown research farm. The corn was seeded at a population of 117,500 seeds/ (47,000 seeds/acre) and thinned to 58,750 plants/ha (23,500 plants/acre) when the corn was in the five leaf stage. Weeds were controlled with a preplant incorporated tank mix of Dual plus Aatrex 480. Weed escapes were controlled with a post-emergent application of Accent and oil. Further weed escapes were controlled with cultivation and hand hoeing. Nitrogen fertilizer was applied preplant at a rate of 110 kg/ha actual N. Phosphorous and potassium applications were based on soil analysis. Corn insects were controlled with sprays of Sevin, Matador, Pounce, and Decis. There were a total of 6 insecticide sprays applied.
Description: Growing conditions in the summer of 2006 were very good for sweet corn production. Warm weather with timely rains resulted in good quality and yields. Insect pressure at Ridgetown was managed well with timely insecticide sprays, which was made easier due to OMAFRA insect traps near the plots. Weed control was poorer than previous years due to the rains and our reluctance to use herbicides with the potential for carryover. Raccoon and skunk damage was not present due to the use of electric fences.
Date: 2006

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